• Account Executive

    "Solve a problem or go away."


    Educate leaders of B2B companies across the globe

    You'll help CEOs, founders, and sales leaders at companies all over the world to make critical, impactful decisions regarding their go to market strategy. This means getting beyond surface-level "fit" questions and driving meaningful conversation.

    Manage sales opportunities from discovery through close

    What is a qualified opportunity for TSD? A prospect who has a problem we can solve, is willing to pay for it, and has some critical event they're working toward. You work with qualified prospects in identifying which of our services best serve their need based on their goals and resources.

    Ensure a smooth client transition through onboarding

    We want to make it easy for you to focus on closing new business - but it's easier to bring on new accounts than it is to maintain them. So we expect you to follow prescribed processes for documenting all prospect and client information throughout the sales process. This makes everyone else's jobs easier and positively impacts our ability to scale our success.


    Someone who clearly aligns with our values

    • Put clients before profits
    • Underpromise, overdeliver
    • Share the good stuff
    • Question every assumption
    • Help each other

    Someone who is naturally curious about other people

    If you are more concerned with making your number than you are about understanding your prospect's needs, this is not for you. Our clients' success is our success, so if we're misaligned from the outset because we didn't do a great job learning about our clients, we will fail them and ourselves.

    Someone who executes the fundamentals of sales with excellence & consistency

    We are entrusting our brand to you - every conversation you have with a prospect has our stamp on. We expect you to bring your A game each time, incrementally improving with each new interaction. This is not an entry level position: our clients expect us to know sales inside and out.


    You'll gain invaluable knowledge of outbound sales

    You will learn the best practices of the sales world well ahead of the curve. We constantly evolve to meet the demands of the market and that means you will too. While we hope you build a long-term career with us, we know that every individual has to follow their own path. This knowledge will be one of your greatest strengths moving forward.

    You'll work with established processes (no guessing)

    We're not asking you to come in and figure out how to sell our services. That's what we do every day! We have the full sales process documented and streamlined - we just need you to manage it all with your expertise and charisma.

    You'll enjoy the benefits of a remote culture

    At present, every one of our team members works remotely. We believes this allows people to do their best work and manage their time like professionals, not clock punchers. With tools like Zoom for video calls and Slack for chatting, we're always in touch and feel like a real team without having to gather around the water cooler to talk (do people still do that?).

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