• Account Manager

    You're the face of our company!


    Onboard new clients

    When a new client signs on with The Sales Developers, they need to immediately feel that they've made the best decision possible. This is up to you as the quarterback of the onboarding team. You'll make sure we all hit the ground running toward successful outcomes for our client.

    Provide an incredible client experience

    We want our clients to feel like we're part of their team, which means they need to understand what's going on with their campaign at any given time. You'll answer their questions and ensure that all TSD team members are keeping reporting up to date, as well as communicating learnings and wins.

    Optimize processes & documentation

    Bill Gates famously said, "Automation applied to an inefficient operation magnifies the inefficiency." You'll help us to eliminate those inefficiencies over time by calling out choke points in our processes and proposing solutions. The more clarity and documentation we can add to a process, the easier it is to scale.


    Someone who clearly aligns with our values

    • Put clients before profits
    • Underpromise, overdeliver
    • Share the good stuff
    • Question every assumption
    • Help each other

    Someone who cares about other people's success

    If your main concern is punching the clock, this is not the ideal role for you. We want someone who will actually care about our clients and their ultimate success. If you're naturally curious and love to help people, plus you've got a knack for solving problems, you're the right fit.

    Someone who thoroughly understands the fundamentals of sales

    We sell sales. Talk about meta! This means that everyone in our company has to be perfectly aligned as far as what constitutes a great sales process, great sales conversations, and great sales metrics. If you haven't read our book, go read it now. That's our core beliefs about sales in ~50 pages. If you get it, you love it, and you can explain it to folks who don't get it, we're in business!


    You'll learn from a diverse array of clients

    We have clients in the US, Australia, and Germany (with many more to come!). We have clients who sell to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, some who sell to dentists, and others who sell to retail fashion brands. You'll learn how they all generate new business - you can take that kind of business acumen with you for the rest of your life.

    You'll make a significant, measurable impact on lots of businesses

    The services we provide generate sales, which funds jobs. That means by doing your job, you're helping our clients provide essential resources to their teams and ultimately their families. Talk about having an impact! Then include the impact our clients have on their customers and suddenly you're going full Titanic: "I'm king [or queen] of the world!"

    You'll enjoy the benefits of a remote culture

    At present, every one of our team members works remotely. We believes this allows people to do their best work and manage their time like professionals, not clock punchers. With tools like Zoom for video calls and Slack for chatting, we're always in touch and feel like a real team without having to gather around the water cooler to talk (do people still do that?).

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