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The Sales Developers, Inc. Acquires Top Brand in Data Quality, Steward

In an effort to produce an ideal outbound sales process for their clients, California-based The Sales Developers, Inc. has acquired Steward, a research firm known for highly accurate B2B data.

The Sales Developers, Inc., founded by Ryan Reisert and Rex Biberston, announced the acquisition of Washington DC based data firm, Steward, as a part of their larger goal to fill the top of the sales funnel consistently with data that is deeply researched, fully enriched, and 100% accurate.

Steward will continue to support The Sales Developers’ mission to deliver perfectly researched prospect lists. Founder and CEO of EverThread, Nicole Mossman, says, “For us, data is everything and data quality is the most important aspect of our business. It is especially critical in our sales process and has been the key to reaching our target market. That's exactly why we've relied on The Sales Developers from the very beginning. We're excited for how they'll incorporate Steward to continue producing quality data.”

Many data providers build databases with millions of contacts, which can be served in slices to clients based on specific requirements or sold as a whole for clients to access as needed. Steward’s approach has always been hand-selected, human researched and validated data. The Sales Developers COO, Rex Biberston, states, “We are absolutely obsessed with data quality for our clients. Steward has supported that obsession as a vendor and now will enable its fulfillment as a part of our team. We couldn’t be more excited about offering the world’s richest, most accurate B2B contact data.”

Sourcing, enriching, and validating account and contact data is tedious and time-consuming, leaving you with less time for real sales activity. If you’re trying to connect with the right buyers at the right time, contact us today. We’re here to work side by side with you to build an incredible database of actionable leads.

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