• Client SDR

    Are you ready for some cold calls?


    Call on behalf of multiple clients

    We represent our clients in outbound sales activities. We're able to manage the process in a way they can't afford to do on their own, meaning we can have a rep (or multiple) who is entirely focused on making phone calls. No data management, no email template creation, nothing but great conversations with our clients' next best customers. That's your job!

    Identify & convert real opportunity

    Great salespeople don't sell ice to eskimos - they've got enough ice! We strongly hold to the belief that great salespeople solve problems. It will be your responsibility to use the phone to uncover the problems our clients' prospects are experiencing and generate enough interest to give our clients a chance to solve them.

    Become the most valued member of our clients' team

    It's not enough to do sales activities. We teach all of our team members to report back to clients in a way that help the clients see us as an extension of their team. This means regular updates, learnings from positive and negative conversations, and admitting when we've made mistakes.


    Someone who clearly aligns with our values

    • Put clients before profits
    • Underpromise, overdeliver
    • Share the good stuff
    • Question every assumption
    • Help each other

    Someone who consistently sounds great over the phone

    It's important to be in an environment where you can succeed. This is a remote position so you can call from your desk in your bedroom or an office down the street (or the beach!) but it's important that you always sound clear, competent, and professional.

    Someone who can hear "No thanks" and do something with it

    You know how to deftly navigate a conversation and get decision makers to open up to you. This means understanding the difference between "Not interested" and "I don't have the problem you're describing." It also means being pleasantly persistent as you uncover problems that our client can solve.

    Someone who isn't afraid to learn new things

    A full-time SDR will work with more than one client and needs to adapt to their specific campaign needs. We don't expect perfection right out of the gates, but you do need to continuously improve your conversations over time. You'll get plenty of coaching to help, but the desire has to come from within - we don't crack whips around here!


    You'll be paid top dollar as a caller

    Does that sound like a rap song? Sure! Is it true that we pay our callers well above the going hourly rate for "SDR" work? Absolutely! So few companies know how to use the phone well - that's really our trademark. So it's critical that we pay accordingly for the best talent on the market.

    You'll master the most marketable skill on earth

    There's no more vital skill than the ability to generate new business. You'll have dozens of chances a day to hone your craft, making you the sharpest knife in any sales drawer! While we hope you find a long-time career with us, we know that every individual has to follow their own path. The skill of cold calling combined with the ability to work remote will make you an invaluable asset to any company.

    You'll enjoy the benefits of a remote culture

    At present, every one of our team members works remotely. We believes this allows people to do their best work and manage their time like professionals, not clock punchers. With tools like Zoom for video calls and Slack for chatting, we're always in touch and feel like a real team without having to gather around the water cooler to talk (do people still do that?).

  • Ready to apply?

    Call us and leave a voicemail stating two reasons you'd make a great Client SDR!
    (Don't forget to include your contact info so we can follow up if we agree.)

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