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    Making sales never sounded this good!

  • If sales = right target + right message + right channel + right timing...

    What's the value of the right message?

    They offered a fake CRM product to sales leaders.

    They offered the same product to the same buyers, just changing the value proposition.

    The difference was only 4-8 words...


    And it resulted in a willingness to pay up to 30% more!


    Imagine being able to convert 15-30% more of your sales conversations.

  • If it's so important, how are companies getting it wrong?

    Lack of consistency
    • Reps reinvent the wheel with every message
    • Each rep makes up their own templates
    • The brand & messaging get diluted 
    • New customers have poorly set expectations
    Lack of transparency
    • Can't duplicate what works for scaling success
    • Can't improve upon or eliminate what doesn't work
  • So we need a consistent, transparent system of messaging for our entire sales org...

    What does that look like?

    Email Templates

    Persona-based cold templates


    High-value follow up messages including video email scripts

    Call Scripts

    Multiple call openers for testing


    Focused on problems you solve for your target buyers

    Social Messages

    No more pitching after "connect"


    Driving conversations by asking open-ended, personalized questions


    The comprehensive list of words, phrases, and sentences that cover the spectrum of sales conversation from "Hi!" to "I'll buy."


    1. Identify the most compelling message for your market
    2. Enable new sales hires at greater speed
    3. Ensure more consistency across sales reps
    4. Consistently improve / fine-tune your engine
    5. Set proper customer expectations from Day 1
    6. Build a brand people come to recognize and trust
  • How it works


    We Interview

    Answer a few easy questions about your business


    We Build

    We'll create a draft of your campaign messaging


    We Iterate

    You provide feedback on our draft so we can fine tune


    We Deliver

    We'll hand over a final draft that's ready to rock

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