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    We've got you!

  • Whom do I contact & how?

    We fully support clients we work with and the systems we build.

    But that doesn’t mean we’re the best choice for help when you get stuck with a challenging situation.

    Here are the general guidelines for getting the fastest, most direct support.


    - Apollo -

    When to turn to them:

    • Anything happening in Apollo
    • Data flowing into or out of Apollo
    • Email deliverability, syncing, tracking
    How to reach them:
    • Chat support by clicking on the Support button on the bottom of your screen.
    • You can also email support@apollo.io

    - Outreach -

    When to turn to them:

    • Anything happening in Outreach
    • Data flowing into or out of Outreach
    • Email deliverability, syncing, tracking
    How to reach them:
    • Chat support by clicking on the "?" icon and selecting "Chat"
    • You can also email support@outreach.io

    - ConnectAndSell -

    When to turn to them:

    • Anything happening in ConnectAndSell
    • Syncing call data to other platforms (Apollo, Outreach, SFDC, etc.)
    How to reach them:

    - The Sales

    Developers -

    When to turn to us:

    • Issues that other support teams don't understand due to lack of context
    • Issues that other support teams can't resolve without additional coordination
    How to reach us:
  • How do I submit a ticket?

    Try to provide as much information as possible about the problem, the setting in which the problem occurred, and its impact on your workflow.


    Here’s how we ask clients to submit tickets to us:

    1. Describe in as much detail as possible what is happening and why it's a problem.

    2. Take a screenshot or record a video of the problem (if possible)

    3. (If you don’t have a way to record video, get VidYard’s GoVideo tool free here - https://www.vidyard.com/govideo/)

    4. Send the information to support@thesalesdevelopers.com

    5. In your email subject line, include a rating of Low, Medium, or High priority.

      • Low priority are bugs you think should be fixed but don’t affect your day-to-day.

      • Medium priority are issues that may impair results downstream, but haven’t cut into your day-to-day yet.

      • High priority are issues that are currently affecting your daily activities.

    6. E.g. “Outreach not completing sequences - Medium priority”

    Here's an example:


    Subject: “High - Dialer won’t connect”

    The ConnectAndSell dialer is not connecting to my phone when I call it, so I can't press go.
    [Screenshot of CAS page]
    I can't get any dials in this way.

  • We're always here to help!

    Our goal is to enable you and your sales team to achieve more productivity

    through better processes, enabled with world-class technology.

    We’d love to help you become experts at manipulating the system we build for you, but we understand if you’re not quite there yet.


    If you feel you need additional training to prevent future support problems, or you feel there is a serious concern about how to keep the system operating well, don’t hesitate to reach out.


    Email us at support@thesalesdevelopers.com and we’ll make sure we help you out!

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